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Operation Summer Rain (SOP) - Starts Oct23, 2014

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Operation ''Summer Rain'' is a weekly PvP Online Campaign designed for DCS World . With the experience of the previous events the goal of the new campaign is to provide a more dynamic and stable war environment to the participants.



Operation Summer Rain is all about teamwork. We are accepting other community squadrons as a group to register for this campaign. Each squadron will be assigned to their own airbase and be provided with assets to cover all campaign roles. If you are an individual pilot not associated with a squad but love team play to complete mission tasks then we will be more than happy to find you a home for the duration of the campaign with one of our active squads. Please let us know if you need to be recruited to squad on your application form. All registrants must use a proper squad handle for their Enjin account and DCS handle during session play.


Squad Registration will end on Oct 9th. All pilots in a squad must register with the pilot sign up form with a standardized squad handle on ANON6. A link is provided on the home page. All pilots will be assigned to the Ready Room. If you are not listed in the Ready Room you are not officially in the campaign. Not having a proper squad handle will prevent you from being listed in the Ready Room.

Please use this link to access the registration forms for this campaign:


All squads will be given the 50% capacity rule with the exception of the host squads which are IAF and 373vFS. The 50% capacity rule will reserve half of the total registered pilots listed in the Ready Room as reserved seats or assigned pilot slots for the campaign. If you have close to 100% attendance squads will be forced to split the attendance between the Thursday and Sunday session. The rule was put in to make squad capacity fair between all squads and keep the total number pilots playing for any one game session to a max of 60 pilots. The hosts squads will get the benefit of 70% capacity.

Please Note: Campaign Admins hold the right to remove inactive pilots from the Ready Room to allow new pilots into the campaign who want to play. If you want to ensure your spot in the campaign all pilots should participate at least once per week.


Squadron Commanders

Every squad must assign one Squad Commander responsible for managing resources and the pilot roster in the Ready Room. Squadron Commanders are also responsible for making sure the mission planner has been updated before the start of every mission. Squadron Commanders should be responsible and dedicated community leaders who is the point person for administrative issues. Each squad is allowed to have one Squadron Commander only but the tasks can be shared with squad leaders in case of absence to a campaign session. Squadron Commanders start at the rank of General.

Squadron Leaders

You can have more than one Squadron Leader in a squad but every Squadron Leader must have at least one Wingman under his command. It is recommended a Squad Leader as two ore more. Sqadron Leaders are pilots that lead flights. They must use the channel commander in teamspeak to speak with all GCI (ground control intercept) from other squads to alert Wingmen to threats and other friendly assets operating in the same AO. Squadron Leaders also assist the Squadron Commander in mission planning and resource/pilot management. Squadron Leaders start at the rank of Major

Ground Control Intercept (GCI)

Every squad must have one dedicated GCI at all times during the campaign to help manage air traffic. One combined arms slot will be provided for each squadron. Please note a GCI is not in a command role, this should be the responsibly of your squad leaders to carry out missions and achieve objectives based on a changing environment. The GCI is simply the eyes and ears for the squadron leaders and squadron commander.

Here are the core responsibilities for a GCI

- Call out hostile contacts in priority of highest threat
- Declare friendly assets in a another squads AO
- Provide assistance to declare emergency landings
- Give picture requests
- Provide general assistance in direction for pilots

You can assign as many GCI in your squad you please and even switch off on this responsibility during session play but only one GCI per squad can be active.

Please go to this thread to assign your squad roles:


  • Squads will have to request their dedicated airbase
  • FARPs are located near your squadron's airbase with choppers (Western ,Central , Easter FARP)
  • Fighters will be on timers for re spawn and can take off from any airbase!
  • Squadron Commander can choose to provide another squad with an asset if needed
  • Squadrons can share the same airbase if required


  • Each side starts with 7 billion total of virtual currency
  • Sides will get a refund on the 7th mission
  • Squadrons will have to request initial number & type of available slots (use Ready Room)
  • Slots do not cost any virtual currency
  • Squadron Commanders will have to ''buy'' the number / types of available aircraft amount for each mission (please post in the team forum)
  • Campaign admins will provide plane requests orders and update Airbase warehouses.
  • The total virtual currency will decrease depending on the aircraft bought. (check each aircraft cost)
  • Squads are NOT allowed to ''buy'' more than the following number of aircraft (calculated on the number of registered pilots for each squad)

Blue side:
  • IAF: 32x Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • ANON6 25x Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • E69 : 36x Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • UOAF : 26x Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • SF : 15x Aircraft /Chopper in each mission

Red side:
  • 373vFS: 36X Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • =UVP=: 18X Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • =UVAF=: 15X Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • SVK : 15X Aircraft /Chopper in each mission
  • NOB: 11X Aircraft /Chopper in each mission


We use the latest DCS World version and shall update every time there are available updates from Eagle dynamics .Any change in the setup during the campaign will be announced accordingly. We use Teamspeak for communication. Each side operates from its channels .


For the needs of the Campaign we use IAF's and 373vFS's Servers. The Teamspeak Server is at IAF's Server.Pilots will be provided IP and Password for the campaign on proper registration and acceptance to this squad through the ANON6 site.


The Campaign runs 2 times per week . The mission days are on every Thursday & Sunday.

Starting time: 18:30 zulu (please show up 1/2 hour early)
Ending time : 21:30 zulu

Inside the mission the time is dynamic and will move forwards with each mission.
We will not have complete night time missions but rather twilight missions that will run from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, therefore after we reach the night time mission, it will automatically jump to 5:00 AM on the next mission.

Participants are free to join all days or only the days that fit their program. The timetable is set in a way in order to provide at least one available day for all pilots that join from different time zones.


The following DCS World aircrafts/Modules are available for the campaign:
  • A-10A (Unit Cost 10 million )
  • A-10C (Unit Cost 12 million)
  • SU-25A (Unit Cost 10 million)
  • SU-25T (Unit Cost 11 million)
  • MIG-21bis (Unit Cost 10 million)
  • MIG-29S (Unit Cost 24 million)
  • SU-27 (Unit Cost 30 million)
  • F-15C (Unit Cost 28 million)
  • F-86F (Unit Cost 5 million)
  • KA-50 (Unit Cost 6 million)
  • UH-1H (Unit Cost 2 million)
  • MI-8 (Unit Cost 2 million)
  • COMBINED ARMS – ( 0 cost)


Each side (Blue / Red) will start the campaign with the same amount of virtual currency which can be used to buy aircraft for the Campaign missions. These money will be shared among the virtual squadrons of the sides to earn the numbers that needed for the operations. The aircraft numbers can decrease if they are lost during combat.

The cost of each unit is provided in the upper list.

*BE ADVISED. Squadron leaders will have to request number of available slots for each mission from the Campaign admins. The advantage of ''buying'' cheaper aircraft/helicopters is that the squadron will be able to operate with more Aircraft/ Helicopter during the campaign.

Please note: Campaign admins will determine the maximum number of pilots slots per airbase. There is a max number pilots we can host on any given campaign mission. Currently the max number is 40 which is 20 seats per side. We are currently testing the capacity to hold 50.


Each squadron will operate from it's own selected airbases and squadron commanders will be responsible for assigning pilots and assets to the airfield two days prior to mission day using the Ready Room. Each squadron is restricted to a maximum of 2 fighter slots per campaign mission. This rule does not apply per airbase but to an entire squad. If your squad has control over two airports you only get 2 fighter slots. The campaign foresees the capturing of enemy airbases (see Rules of engagement) Preferred airbase to operate from (depending on selected side-check map below) :


-Victory Conditions
Red side wins if :
1st Stage
Capture and hold Sochi Airbase
Capture and hold Gudauta Airbase
Capture and hold Suchumi Airbase
Capture and Hold one city of the 3 fronts
2nd Stage
Capture Batumi Airbase

Blue side wins if :
1st Stage
Capture and hold Novorossiysk Airbase
Capture and hold Krasnodar Airbase
Capture and hold Maykop Airbase
Capture and Hold one city of the 3 fronts
2nd Stage
Capture: Mineral Vody Airbase
If no side completes the objectives after 14 missions then the side that owns most of the Airbases and cities wins.


The mission status is saved by script after each mission day. Ground units new positions and status (Alive or Dead) are updated for the next missions.


ANON6 is providing website features that helps both sides prepare their main plan for the operation. Campaign features provided by ANON6 inlcude:
  • Server Status Box - with passwords to TS and server
  • Rank & Award System - see more details here
  • Ready Room for Pilot and Resource Management
  • Wall of Honor - displays all medals earned over the course of the campaign

Visit ANON6 at for more details.

MISSION PLANNING (for squadron leaders)

Each Squadron Leader can plan missions/Edit Waypoints etc through the Online Mission Planner (Video Tutorial WIP) . The Leaders will have to provide a 2 mission planning as the editing is allowed on Mondays till Wednesdays. The Missions will use these waypoints on Thursdays & Sundays and then again the Online Mission Planner will be available on Monday after the Sunday's mission. The mission planner can be found here:

Please Note: The URL to access the mission planner which is inserted in the green box will be provided respectively in each team forum. Only pilots assigned to a team can view the team forum providing a safe haven to exchange sensitive team notes.

Red Team Forum:

Blue Team Forum:


Each side should assign weekly tasks to their squadrons in order to follow a main plan. This can be coordinated through ANON6's website. Example : 373vFS will have to destroy 3x Factories and Capture 1x Army base at the East front on Week no1.


Each time an Aircraft or Helicopter is destroyed (or lost due to CTD) the number of available aircraft/helicopters or the sides are reduced.


In order to provide more intensive air to air fights it is decided to use only the following air to air missiles during the campaign. Available Air to Air Missiles : R-60M / R-73 / AIM-9M / AIM-9P / AIM-7 / R-27R


The Campaign uses a Resource management System to provide realistic Logistics. Each Airbase provides an amount of Weapons in each mission start. The Airbases resupply from Warehouses that are located near them. If these Warehouses are destroyed then the Airbase looses the ability to resupply during the Mission. Airbases and Warehouses are linked together in order to support and resupply.


Each side owns Factories that are also based close to the airbases .
The destruction of these Factories reduces is a must in order to capture the airbase.


Each side owns a number of EWR Radar Stations located also near the airbases. These provide Intercept AI fighter jets to the sides. Destroy the enemy Radar sites to reduce the enemy ability or increase your sides Battlefield picture .


The Ground Commanders of each side can control friendly AI Intercept fighter jets engage enemy aircraft. The availability of these AI aircraft depends to the status of the EWR radar stations.


-Transport Special Operations forces with UH-1H's & MI-8's . Troops can loaded in the Load Zones (see map) and can be dropped wherever it's needed in the map.

*The groups position and status won't be saved with the Save script. These forces must be used for the purpose of 1 mission only.
Use these groups to capture the enemy cities and airbases.


Each side can control (Combined Arms) a number of naval units. These units can provide Air defense cover/ Attack Ground units positions / Naval Warfare .


There are 3 fronts (see map) in which both sides ground forces are fighting to capture the cities in the center of them. With the transport of friendly ground units (UH-1H / Mi-8) and the CAS missions of friendly aircraft ,each side will have to execute missions in order to capture the cities and hold them till the end of the campaign. (MAP OF FRONTS/Targets)


Each side can plan missions in order to capture enemy Airbases. To capture an Airbase the side must destroy all the enemy facilities (2x Warehouses /4x Factories & Ground units) close to it and then transport friendly in its location. After an airbase is captured the side will earn new structures and ground units in it. Also the sides will have the ability to operate from these airbases after selecting to move some aircraft there during the mission planning.


If a squadron loses its airbase that was operational they can ask for their aircraft relocation to another friendly airbase. If the initial airbase is recaptured they can relocate there again.


A statistic page will be available to cover all events during the missions. Squadrons and Pilots will earn awards also depending on their performance and team play during the campaign. More details on the award system can be read here:


  • Choose side /Aircraft type and Available Slots for each mission
  • Squadron Leaders will have to plan weekly missions in order to serve their Sides master plan
  • Capture Enemy Airbases by destroying all enemy facilities /ground forces near it and by transporting friendly units near it.
  • Plan Special Ops Transport Missions with Choppers to temporarily capture or destroy enemy assets
  • Destroy enemy Radar sites to reduce the available enemy intercept fighters
  • Provide CAS and escort friendly Ground Units to capture and hold cities
  • Attack enemy naval units that will attempt to provide Air Defense cover or Ground Attack


TASKS : Provide CAS to friendly forces and execure strike missions against enemy ground targets.

TASKS : Provide CAS to friendly forces

TASKS : Engage enemy aircraft and execute strike missions against enemy ground targets.

FC3 (A-10A / SU-25A / F-15C / SU-27)
TASKS : Engage enemy aircraft and execute strike missions against enemy ground targets.

TASKS : Engage enemy aircraft and execute strike missions against enemy ground targets.

TASKS: Provide CAS to friendly forces.Trasnport friendly units to the front.

TASKS: Provide CAS to friendly forces.Trasnport friendly units to the front.

Combined Arms
TASKS : Coordinate friendly flights and control AI Aircraft. Control Naval & Ground Units.

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Good write up.

Suggest the following additions:

Elaborate with some info about realism settings and other relevent server settings. For example its important people will know that we have upgraded the realism to no self view on F10 map and that (finally) pilots will have to navigate.

Make mention of the importance of the ground commander and his ability to also act and support in the role of AWACS for the human flights.

Very important to have a COMMS plan for how we will utilize the IAF Teamspeak i.e. the use of Channel Commander function as our "Guard" channel and a general plan for whispers, who is supposed to talk to who etc.

Elaborate on the ground warfare, has this been reduced to only helo transports of infantry teams? Or do we still have armored units on each side, and just a brief mention on how they dynamically move according to what goes on in the map / on the battlefields.

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Good points - there are so many good features to this campaign the list is very long indeed. The bottom line - This is not something you want to miss!

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