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Anon6 - Tactical Group Play  -  Tactical Group Play for STAR CITIZEN - DCS SERIES - ARMA3
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Star Citizen: Aopoa Nox Preview
Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within...
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ANON6_Injerin   Buying one!
ANON6_Injerin   Bought it :)
The Judge and SergeyH2O registered to Anon6 - Tactical Group Play
DCS WORLD 2.1 NEVADA-Desert Mayhem TAKE 2
More fun Testing Ogg files. Now when enemies or your wingman...
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DCS WORLD Desert Mayhem
DCS WORLD On The NTTR map Survived a mid air collision( losi...
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ANON6_Injerin   YO! Stormy hows she running?
ANON6_StormBat   Still testing dcs world with graphics settings. New games like The Division for instance I downloded the playable demo and it was extremely smooth even with all graphics settings maxed out! I'm very happy to say the least
Welcome To America with Gad Elmaleh and Ron Livingston
Gad Elmaleh Struggles with a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol ...
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Earlier this week we attended E3 2017 and had the first publ...
How To Ride A Sidecar Motorcycle
Written and Produced: Good Spark Garage / Wilkinson Brothers...
palyarmerc   [link]

"get me up past that last hut there, and jettison me into the paddies"
GS Wheel Change
Uploaded by AtleFjell on 2017-06-15.
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VijarStill in early beta, but I had already quite a blast playing WT Naval Forces today.
War thunder - 1st person walkthrough on Tribal class destroy...
1st person walkthrough on Tribal class destroyer
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BaderHey Injerin, Did you have any luck rolling back to DCS version 53279, stop by the Korean war Lobby and let us know how you got on mate. Bader.
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ANON6_Injerin   Ok Squirrel, I have to say it! You post shit without describing what game its for! AND which game shalt this be?
ANON6_NakedSquirrel   In order to bring DCS World to a new level of combat simulation, an improved damage model system is certainly required. Our team has diligently been working on this new and improved system and it will entail the following features:

We have moved from tracking 30 damage variables to several hundred damage variables. This includes such variables as each airframe spars, engine components, fuel tanks, oil, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, control surfaces, ammo boxes, etc.
All elements have unique durability values that are used calculate of bullet penetration into the structure
There will be no more statistical accumulation of damage, so for example, you can't tear off a wing by simply shooting at its tip
All elements can now be torn off by destroying their attachment points or airframe elements (wing spars for example)
Damage can be distributed from one element to another by fire
All liquids will flow out from holes, and this will result in decreasing effectiveness of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Chuck_OwlHola, anybody still alive in here?
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ANON6_Wolfie   YESS!!!
ANON6_Injerin   Sort-of lol. alot of yard work, putting up pool. ect summer time!
palyarmercPaly. Circa 1985. lmfao.
Manowar - Black Wind Fire and Steel
Hab das mal ausn Youtube gesaugt xD Lustiug die 3 ^^
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ANON6_Wolfie   My guitar was a bedboard back in 1985 and I was on the stage with kiss :d
ANON6_FuriousHey bitches, just got a house, have to sell my flat pronto- so everything in boxes, no PC or anything at the moment. Hopefully back up after sale, couple weeks? Obviously happened just. On Normandy release.
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ANON6_Wolfie   ah.. makes sense
ANON6_Injerin   Hopefully your not moving your pc to another hallway :) lol
71st_AH_Mastiff   congratulations! I hope she doesn't put you and your computer into the Master Bedroom walkin closet.
ANON6_StormBatLOL :)
DCS Normandy 1944 - 2 Minute Tour - The West Coast
Taking my 5th flight on the upcoming DCS Normandy Alpha, I t...
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