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Anon6 - Tactical Group Play  -  Tactical Group Play for STAR CITIZEN - DCS SERIES - ARMA3
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Reminder of event Training F-5E on 2017-10-21 08:00:00
Join ANON6 as we train on the F-5E Tiger. We will run through cold start and weapon release procedures.
ANON6_StormBatBreak out the popcorn and enjoy a little mission from Tom Clancy's Wildlands.
Tom Clancy's GhostRecon Wildlands Demo for Anon6
Just a demo of Tom Clancy's Wildlands for my boys at Anon6 t...
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ANON6_Wolfie   Have had the game a while. I think most of us have it. Love to do missions with you. We are getting back in to DCS again too. Dave "Necrosys" here is a real A-10 pilot with tons of knowledge.
ANON6_StormBat   Ya for sure I have a lot of free time on my hands atm so I'm good to go whenever you're ready to go. As for DCS World I'm only flying 2.1 for now and having a blast with it.
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Vijar   For those who didn't know it, I obviously just changed my name to Unknown User, sounds way cooler anyways.
Star Trek Bridge Crew | Coop Oculus VR
Today we are playing some Coop VR Games with Star Trek Bridg...
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ANON6_InjerinLive it up, you shitbirds! lol..............................
palyarmercMan, I could watch a 1000 Walkenthru's
Christopher Walkenthrough - No Man's Sky
Christopher Walken is playing No Man's Sky. Is it the greate...
ANON6_Wolfie   Sixxpack.. I this you? :d :d :d
palyarmercFrom a hardcore fan of Star Citizen. "What we Envisioned vs What we've got"
Chris Roberts is an egotistical prick.
Sean Murray delivered a game at least.
David Braben delivered Elite.
Looks like we are set to get Dual Universe.
Possiblly even Infinity:Battlescape.
And Empyrion gives you alot, even though it's infantile.
Even EvE would be an acceptable alternative right now.
Notice when he say's "we'd get taken outside and shot?!
Harsh reality.
Star Citizen 2017 Honest Rant Part 1 (Salt Imminent) 21:9
The first episode of a multipart rant on the development of ...
palyarmerc   I'd like to retract that last comment.
Realised I'm being that person who'll take something away from you, even when you have nothing.
...I'll get my coat.
ANON6_Furious   Vietcong. Classic. Loved that game.
ANON6_Wolfie   Me too Furious
palyarmercGuys, if you have money in Star Citizen. Get out now.
Get a refund.
Watch this season's Football (go Dolphins! pfff..well...would be fun!) play something. have fun !!
Going to post a video next up..Please. I know I'm a DS kook, and he's a dick, but unfortunately I think he's right.
Please get your hard earned money back and start living again.... didn't sign up for this...
Derek Smart on Twitter
Oh that's cute. Trust me, what's coming next is a WORSE than...
ANON6_Wolfie   Good tip Paly, Hope you follow it :)
Learning the voice commands...thanks Wolfie
I'm hooked on this shit bro. Love it
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ANON6_Injerin   still learning my commands
ANON6_Wolfie   Endless possibilities with Voice Attack, in and outside games
ANON6_InjerinA great logo Idea for us, SC
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71st_AH_Mastiff   but in space, he wouldn't decay like that.
Yuck Cheager Testing the Biatch Out!
Testing my rig and Mirage-2000C by putting them both through...
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ANON6_Injerin   that a boy, see ya soon
EVENING HEAT************************* Another Mirage-2000C S...
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ANON6_StormBat   Working Monday to Thursday 10-10 and Friday 10-4 if anyone is wondering. Have Friday evenings and weekends to fly until further notice. Thanks all hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers mates. Love, Peace and much Respect!
ANON6_Scooter   I got load up and configure all of my DCS stuff again. Look forward to getting back up.
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ANON6_NakedSquirrel   F4E wip pics and capabilities.
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