Operation Move it General

Date: 21.06.42
Time: 12:00
Weather: A little cloudly with fog.

Due to relentless attacks by german FW-190Ds in the area, any flight needs to be escorted.
Georgian General Kavkaiv is waiting at the civilian air strip out side of Kutaisi for his transport.

The mission is -
1. Fly the TF-51 to the civilian air strip out side of Kutaisi, land and pickup the general, pickup zone -

And drop him safely at Sukhumi airbase -

2. Escort the transport TF-51 from Senaki to the Kutaisi civilian air strip where he will pick up the general and transport him to Sukhumi-Babushara Airbase.

Be aware, there has been a large number of encoded communication transmissions in the area lately, we have intercepted some of the transmissions and will update on any findings.

Download - https://copy.com/oLQ4ONeIIwlR

Good Luck!