It's been a long time coming, but with the merge of Digital Combat Simulator alpha and beta, our core group of flight junkies at ANON6 is looking to revamp, energize and reload the ANON6 community with updated content that includes missions, skins and training tutorials exclusive to our members.

As an extra perk we are doing up custom skins for the AV-8B NA Harrier with member's names and country roundel.

Want to join the Wolfpack?

What does it take to join our squad? Are you friendly, social and love flight sims? You're in! We only demand some of your time to be active in discord and join us for co-op mission in game. Even if your complete novice. we have expert trainers to answer to help you get the best experience possible with DCS.

As a member you will get access to our membership only forum boards with all kinds of extra goodies for DCS.

Join us in Discord to make your request in person or email: